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Saturday, October 8, 2016

I tried Internet Explorer 9, and felt a bit helpless without my menu bar. How do you get that back, or at least have access to the usual apps on the menu bar. I was also missing a few of my toolbars that I normally use, and was clueless as to how to get them back without the “view toolbars”.

The IE team has included the menu bar, but has kept it invisible to save on speed. You can always get the menu bar “temporarily” by pressing the ALT key. When you press the ALT key, IE9 presents the traditional menu bar.
It disappears when you press the ALT key again, or click anywhere in the browser.
Regarding your problem of the missing toolbars, IE9 has plenty, but has hidden them. Even I don’t feel comfortable without my Favorites bar and Status bar. What you need to do is to right click on any empty space on the Address bar. A popup menu will appear showing all the installed tool bars (see image below). Click and select the toolbars that you want IE9 to display. This includes any custom toolbar that you may have installed (for example, Google toolbar).
Sometimes, you may notice that the IE9 slows down after enabling certain toolbars. I have a toolbar that helps me download videos from Facebook. I use the right-click method to disable the toolbar, unless I wish to download video, so that I do not lose the IE9 speed on other websites. To disable a toolbar, right click on any empty space in the Address bar and in the popup menu, and uncheck the toolbar that you wish to disable.
So, if you want IE9 to run at top speed, right click on the Address Bar and disable (uncheck) any toolbars you’re not using. Anytime you need one, simply right click again, and bring up whichever one suits your purpose.

~ Nishad S S

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