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Saturday, October 8, 2016

How can I permanently enable pop-ups on just one website? I have Mozilla Firefox, and every time I go to Pogo I have to disable the pop-up blocker. My OS is Windows 7.

Pop-ups are frequently synonymous with “annoying ads that get in my way,” but in some limited cases pop-ups are actually essential to using a website. If you access sites that load a separate pop-up window for logging in to a service or for uploading files, the Mozilla Firefox pop-up blocker prevents you from taking advantage of that site’s features. Obviously, removing the pop-up blocking feature altogether isn’t an acceptable option, as you’ll likely be bombarded with unwanted advertisements. Thankfully this isn’t your only option available, because Firefox has the ability to specifically allow pop-ups for individual web pages.
As with most features in Firefox, to access the pop-up options you need to click the orange “Firefox” button at the top-left corner of the window. Click the arrow next to “Options” and then click the second “Options” button in the menu.
Opening Firefox's Options
Locate the “Content” heading at the top of the “Options” window, which is located between the “Tabs” and “Applications” headings. Click “Content” to bring up a new list of menu options.
Click the “Exceptions” button positioned near the top of the window and to the far right of the box labeled “Block Pop-Up Windows.”
Accessing Popup Exceptions
Type the full web address of the specific site you need to allow pop-ups for in the provided text box, such as “http://www.worldstart.com.” Click the “Allow” button to specify that you want Firefox to allow pop-ups on that particular web page. If the web page has a long and complicated URL, you can simply copy and paste the address instead of typing by hand. To do this, highlight the URL in the address bar at the top of the browser. Right-click the highlighted address and select “Copy,” and then right-click the text box in the “Exceptions” menu and select “Paste.”
Allowing Popups For A Website
In the event that you later want to block pop-ups for that site again, click the website’s name in the list of site exceptions and then select the “Remove Site” option and click “OK.”
Removing An Exception
Setting the page as an exception to Firefox’s pop-up blocking feature may not actually allow pop-ups if you also have a separate third party blocker. For example, the “Adblock Plus Popup” tool also blocks all pop-ups in addition to Firefox’s standard blocking feature. If pop-ups still aren’t appearing on the site, open the “Firefox” menu at the top of the window again and click the “Add-Ons” button.
Opening The Addons Menu
Click the “Extensions” tab at the left side of the screen, which is marked by a blue puzzle piece icon, to bring up a list of all add-ons installed with Firefox.
Bringing Up The Addon List
Click the add-on’s name in the list of programs and then select the “Disable” button at the far right side of the screen.
Disabling An Addon
Firefox won’t actually turn off the add-on until you restart the browser. Click the “Restart Now” link that appears above the add-on’s name after selecting “Disable.”
Restarting Firefox
If you want to enable the add-on again later, return to the “Extensions” menu and click the “Enable” and “Restart Now” options.

~ Nishad S S

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